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Protecting the environment by providing legal services for forest cases of statewide significance

Protecting the environment by providing legal services for forest cases of statewide significance.

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Salmon Recovery

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Articles related to the Forests and Fish Report and Habitat Conservation Plan, Agency & Policy Decisions, and Salmon Regulations.
Jun 22, 2006: The Oregonian: "Suit to attack logging roads' dirty water"
June 22, 2006 -- An environmental group alleges polluted runoff is streaming into the Trask, Kilchis rivers. A Portland legal group known for making polluters clean up their acts is taking aim at logging roads in the Coast Range that it says funnel chocolate-brown water into prime salmon rivers with every heavy rain.
Jun 07, 2006: HCP: now, the hard part (Editorial)
Official federal acknowledgment of Washington's homegrown plan to manage its streams and forests for the next 50 years is a laudable achievement. But there is a catch.
Jun 07, 2006: Feds put finishing touch on 50-year timber harvest plan
Federal wildlife officials gave their blessing Monday to a 50-year forestry plan aimed at saving Washington state's salmon runs while shielding timber companies from costly Endangered Species Act lawsuits.
Jun 07, 2006: Long-sought forest rules OK'd
- Regulations affect private and public landowners throughout state
Jun 07, 2006: Timber-salmon plan gets federal go-ahead
Seattle Times, June 6, 2006; In one of the most sweeping deals of its kind in the nation, federal officials Monday agreed to shield timber companies and forest landowners from provisions of the Endangered Species Act for 50 years if they follow new state rules to protect salmon when logging.
Jun 06, 2006: Timber industry gets exemption from endangered-species law
Seattle P-I, June 6, 2006; For the next half-century, Washington's timber industry will be shielded from Endangered Species Act prosecutions for harming salmon and four dozen other types of water creatures, the federal government declared Monday.
May 09, 2006: Critics of 50-year exemption to salmon rules say pact 'predecided'
Seattle P-I, May 9, 2006; For years, timber companies and the government have debated environmental groups and Indian tribes over whether Washington's timber industry should get 50 years of protection from Endangered Species Act prosecutions for harming salmon.
Mar 01, 2006: DNR worker's job move spurs call for ethics look
A Seattle-based environmental group requested Tuesday that the state ethics commission investigate a Department of Natural Resources official who took a job as a timber-industry lobbyist after overseeing a controversial timber-regulation plan.
Jan 07, 2006: Timber industry hire eyed as ethics issue
Seattle PI, January 7, 2006; Normally, if someone kills or harms an endangered species, that person is in big legal trouble. But Washington's timber industry won't face such prosecution under a controversial 50-year deal worked out with the federal government by the state Department of Natural Resources.
Jun 16, 2005: Avoid date in court by strengthening habitat plan
Seattle P-I, June 16, 2005; Washington's proposed Habitat Conservation Plan, if approved by the Bush administration, would bless state forest practices rules as adequate to protect not just salmon habitat but also habitat for 55 native fish and amphibians dependent on healthy stream systems.