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Protecting the environment by providing legal services for forest cases of statewide significance

Protecting the environment by providing legal services for forest cases of statewide significance.

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Salmon Recovery

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Articles related to the Forests and Fish Report and Habitat Conservation Plan, Agency & Policy Decisions, and Salmon Regulations.
Jun 20, 2012: The Oregonian: "Oregon must regulate logging roads to protect the state's water supply"
June 20, 2012 -- Guest columnist Tom Wolf, chair of the Oregon Council of Trout Unlimited, on the importance of protecting Oregon's clean water.
Jun 12, 2012: Press Release: "Settlement averts challenge to Forest Practices HCP"
June 12, 2012 -- State reaches agreement with environmental organizations and timber industry concerning the Forest Practices Habitat Conservation Plan.
Nov 02, 2011: Seattle Times: "Follow the law to protect fish and water supplies"
Nov. 2, 2011 -- A controversial federal appeals court decision shines a light on an exemption to clean-water regulations that can compromise healthy fish runs and water supplies.
Aug 24, 2011: Clean Water Act Under Attack
August 24, 2011 – Environmental groups sponsor an ad urging members of Congress to stop their attack on our clean water.
Aug 05, 2011: The Oregonian: "Salmon habitat and water quality"
August 5, 2011 -- Every Oregonian has a stake in stream protection
May 17, 2011: Law360: "9th Circuit won't rehear logging runoff permit challenge"
May 17, 2011 -- The Ninth Circuit has refused to reconsider its holding that runoff from Oregon State Forest logging roads was subject to permitting requirements under the Clean Water Act.
May 17, 2011: Seattle Times: "Court: reaffirms that muddy water is pollution"
May 17, 2011 -- A federal appeals court has reaffirmed that muddy water running off logging roads after rainstorms is pollution that requires a special permit from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
May 17, 2011: E&E News: "9th Circuit declines to rehear logging-road runoff case"
May 17, 2011 -- A federal appeals court said today it won't reconsider its decision last year that requires Clean Water Act permitting for stormwater runoff on logging roads.
Nov 03, 2010: Santa Cruz Good Times: "New ruling tightens logging regulations"
November 3, 2010 -- This August, WFLC won a landmark sedimentation case in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. According to the ruling, logging companies must now seek point source permits for the water discharged from roadways traversed during timber harvests.