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Protecting the environment by providing legal services for forest cases of statewide significance

Protecting the environment by providing legal services for forest cases of statewide significance.

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Forestland Preservation

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Media related to the preservation of forestlands, including those in the Teanaway valley and the Issaquah Alps.
· Issaquah Press: "Partnership reaches agreement to save Squak Mountain forestland"
July 22, 2013 -- An agreement has been finalized for permanent public ownership of important forestland on Squak Mountain.
· The Seattle Times: "King County proposes to buy forest on Squak Mountain"
May 9, 2013 -- King County, with The Trust for Public Land as an intermediary, has tentatively agreed to buy 216 acres next to the Cougar Mountain/Squak Mountain Corridor.
· Issaquah Reporter: "Plot thickens on Squak"
March 20, 2013 -- Logging permit withdrawn by landowner amid concerns for fish habitat protection.
· The Seattle Times: "Clear-cut looms between Squak, Cougar mountains"
March 1, 2013 -- Park advocates and May Creek residents hope to prevent clear-cutting of nearly 200 acres between Squak Mountain and Cougar Mountain parks.
· The Chronicle: "Thurston County Upholds Mineral Lake GMHB Decision"
July 24, 2012 -- Subdivision in the Woods: Lewis County to Appear in Growth Management Hearing this Month
· The Chronicle: "Door to vacation homes on Mineral Lake blocked, for now
January 10, 2012 -- Last year, Lewis County rezoned shore-line property on Mineral Lake, making way for up to 41 vacation homes. But Friends of Mineral Lake appealed the decision to the state Growth Management Hearings Board, which found that the rezoning did not comply with the state's Growth Management Act.
· Ellensburg Daily Record: "AFLC seeks longer planning delay"
October 3, 2010 -- American Forest Land Co. is calling for a further delay in relaunching the public land-use planning process for all Teanaway lands.
· Ellensburg Daily Record: "Planning process to resume for 57,000 acres in the Teanaway River valley"
September 9, 2010 -- Community input will restart soon in a continuing effort to plan for the future use of nearly 57,000 acres of Upper Teanaway lands.
· Ellensbury Daily Record: "Kittitas County prosecutor does not file charges in AFLC binders"
May 28, 2010 -- The Kittitas County Prosecuting Attorney's Office will not charge two men involved in removing public records from the county's Community Development Services Department. Those records included parcel segregation requests initially submitted to the county by the American Forest Land Co. in 2004 and later amended and re-filed in 2007 along with two other sets of parcel segregation requests.
· Seattle Times: "Protecting Washington's high-value forest and agriculture lands"
February 16, 2010 -- Every year, thousands of acres of high-value forest and agricultural lands in Washington are lost through conversion to commercial development, residential sprawl and other uses. The Washington State Department of Natural Resources and the Cascade Land Conservancy are working together to slow or reverse this trend.
· Ellensburg Daily Record: "AFLC plans open houses to answer questions"
January 7, 2010 -- The company hoping to develop a self-contained community on property it owns in the Teanaway has scheduled two open houses aimed at answering concerns about the plan.
· The Oregonian: "Conservation groups hope to buy forestlands to manage"
December 27, 2009 -- Conservation groups are now the forest industry's biggest allies, as institutional investors buy millions of acres of forestland nationwide. From Maine to Montana, they're giving rise to a new model of private ownership, called community forests, hoping to save them from homes and subdivisions. In Oregon and Washington, some conservation groups are looking to purchase forests for the first time.
· The Oregonian: "When the land's worth more than the trees"
December 26, 2009 -- Today, timber investment management organizations and real estate investment trusts represent the largest private landowners in Oregon and across the country.
· Ellensburg Daily Record: "Teanaway binders available to view online"
December 8, 2009 -- The contents of binders that went missing from the Kittitas County’s Community Development Services office and were later recovered during the course of a police investigation are now available for review online, the Kittitas County Board of Commissioners has announced.
· Ellensburg Daily Record: "Documents case given to prosecutor"
November 14, 2009 -- A former Kittitas County employee who returned public documents to a company planning development in the Teanaway should have known he wasn't allowed to release them, according to an Ellensburg Police Department investigation.
· High Country News: "The case of the missing binders"
November 10, 2009 -- An investigation into missing binders has put a temporary halt on American Forest Land Co.'s development plans, as officials sort out the details of what happened.
· Ellensburg Daily Record: "Teanaway sub-area plans on hold"
November 5, 2009 -- An Ellensburg Police Department investigation into the disappearance of public documents has prompted the Kittitas County Board of Commissioners to temporarily suspend the Teanaway sub-area planning process.
· Ellensburg Daily Record: "Teanaway plan draws heated opposition"
October 29, 2009 -- More than 100 people attended an October 28 meeting on the Teanaway subarea plan. American Forest Land Co. owns 46,851 of the 56,000 acres that are tentatively included in the subarea and is seeking to develop part of that. The company’s move to alter the use of its land has been controversial, drawing increasingly vocal criticism from local property owners, recreational users and conservation groups.
· Ellensburg Daily Record: "Teanaway development plan could bring legal challenges"
October 3, 2009 -- American Forest Land Company’s plan to develop timberland the company has in the Teanaway is facing strong opposition from those in the community who say the company rolled the dice on what turned out to be a bad investment and now wants to change the rules for how the land can be used.
· Seattle Times: "New strategy to save forests: logging"
August 3, 2009 -- Conservationists are partnering with timber companies on deals, and environmentalists are praising "working forests," the friendly new term for clear-cuts — in order to stave off development.
· New York Times: "Loggers Try to Adapt to Greener Economy"
March 29, 2009 -- Booming timber towns with three-shift lumber mills are a distant memory in the densely forested Northwest. Now, with the housing market and the economy in crisis, some rural areas have never been more raw. Mills keep closing. People keep leaving. Unemployment in some counties is near 20 percent.