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Protecting the environment by providing legal services for forest cases of statewide significance

Protecting the environment by providing legal services for forest cases of statewide significance.

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Northern Spotted Owl

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Aug 05, 2007: The New York Times: "The Owl and the Forest"
August 5, 2007 - The spotted owl, once famously referred to by the first President Bush as “that little furry-feathery guy,” was not exactly a popular little guy among angry timber workers in the Pacific Northwest.
Aug 02, 2007: Seattle Times: "Owl ruling halts logging on 56,000 acres of private land"
August 2, 2007 - A federal judge Wednesday temporarily blocked Weyerhaeuser from cutting trees on its own land in southwest Washington, saying state logging rules weren't doing enough to protect threatened spotted owls.
Aug 01, 2007: Seattle Times: "Judge blocks logging of privately owned spotted owl habitat"
August 1, 2007; A federal judge today issued a preliminary injunction to stop Weyerhaeuser Co. from logging in spotted owl habitat on four parcels of private land in Washington.
Aug 01, 2007: Seattle P-I: "Weyerhaeuser ordered not to log owl habitat"
August 1, 2007 - Injunction forbids work at four sites until Audubon suit is concluded
Jun 27, 2007: Seattle P-I: "Bush Administration: Too cozy by half"
June 27, 2007; The obsequious way a federal agency handled the Weyerhaeuser Co. on spotted owl issues tells a larger story about life under the Bush administration. These times are so sweet for those with money that even when the government is concerned that a company's logging may hurt an endangered species, the corporation gets a chance to edit a letter about those worries.
Jun 23, 2007: Seattle P-I: "Weyerhaeuser got to edit U.S. letter on logging, owls"
June 23, 2007; Fish and Wildlife Service defends move
Jun 13, 2007: Seattle P-I: "Bush administration wants cut in protection for spotted owl"
June 13, 2007; Proposal would trim preserved habitat
Feb 16, 2007: Deal gets owls 87,000 acres
The News Tribune, March 22, 2006; About half to be off-limits to logging, just thinning on rest - About 87,000 acres of spotted owl habitat in state forests would be off-limits to most logging under a lawsuit settlement approved Tuesday by the state Board of Natural Resources.
Jan 12, 2007: Green-stamping’ of Timber Companies Comes Under Scrutiny
The New Standard, January 12, 2007; Conservationists say a major certifier of environmentally “sustainable” foresting practices in the US offers its approval too easily and is too hesitant to take action against firms that harm the environment.
Jan 10, 2007: Groups oppose forest certification of Weyerhaeuser and Plum Creek
Boston Globe, December 31, 2006; Conservation groups are moving beyond the courtroom into the marketplace to pressure two of the nation's largest timber companies to green up their acts on private forest lands, and challenge the timber industry's sustainable forestry standard.