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Protecting the environment by providing legal services for forest cases of statewide significance

Protecting the environment by providing legal services for forest cases of statewide significance.

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Northern Spotted Owl

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Apr 17, 2009: Crosscut: "Back to the drawing board on spotted owls"
April 17, 2009 -- A new administration signals yet another deep examination about how to save forest habitats for endangered spotted owls. After decades of studies and litigation and administrative maneuvers, are we any closer to a solution?
Apr 01, 2009: Seattle Times: "Obama administration wants new spotted-owl plan"
The Obama administration appears to be backing away from a controversial Bush-era plan for endangered Northwest spotted owls.
Jan 15, 2009: Audubon Magazine: "Owl War II"
When the Clinton administration implemented its Northwest Forest Plan, the environmental community and the press, assuming the northern spotted owl had been saved, moved on to other issues. Now the owls are telling a different story. It’s not too late to save them from oblivion, but it will require a dramatic shift in strategy.
Nov 25, 2008: Seattle Times: "Groups challenge plan for spotted-owl recovery"
November 25, 2008 -- Conservation groups are suing the Bush administration to undo the northern-spotted-owl recovery plan that is making it possible to ramp up old-growth-forest logging in Oregon.
Aug 13, 2008: Seattle Times: "As spotted owl's numbers keep falling, some fear it's doomed"
The northern spotted owl — an endangered icon that spurred a rescue effort so sweeping it brought old-growth logging to a virtual standstill in the Northwest — is now closer than ever to extinction.
Jul 03, 2008: Seattle PI: "Northern spotted owl lawsuit settled"
A settlement has been reached in a 2006 environmental lawsuit that sought to block logging on 50,000 acres of private timberland to protect the threatened northern spotted owl.
Apr 22, 2008: Seattle Times: "Draft owl plan 'deeply flawed,' panel says"
April 22, 2008 -- A panel of experts found the Bush administration's plan for assuring the survival of the northern spotted owl was "deeply flawed" in its approach to protecting old-growth-forest habitat from logging and was not entirely based on the best available science.
Jan 09, 2008: The Oregonian: "Shooting one owl to save another"
January 9, 2008; Biologists grappled Tuesday with the realities of shooting barred owls that invade the older forest habitat of federally protected northern spotted owls, a strategy critics say the Bush administration employs to help spotted owls while also trimming away at their preserves in an effort to open up logging.
Dec 18, 2007: PBS NewsHour: "Biologists Struggle to Save the Spotted Owl"
December 18, 2007; Lee Hochberg reports on the battle between biologists and loggers over the northern Spotted Owl. The animal has been on the Endangered Species List for the past 17 years, but is not recovering as expected.
Oct 01, 2007: The Tacoma News Tribune: "Allegations intensify about owl plan"
October 1, 2007; The conclusion by a group of independent scientists that a draft recovery plan for the northern spotted owl was “deeply flawed” has further fueled allegations that the proposal was manipulated by political appointees who were determined to boost logging in Northwest forests.