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Protecting the environment by providing legal services for forest cases of statewide significance

Protecting the environment by providing legal services for forest cases of statewide significance.

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Seattle Times: "LEED green-building standards must not be diluted"

April 12, 2010 -- The U.S. Green Building Council sets standards for environmentally superior buildings and must not dilute the value of its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design label, writes guest columnist Denis Hayes.

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  • Published: Apr 12, 2010

Seattle Times: "Weyerhaeuser agrees to review logging practices on landslide-prone lands"

March 29, 2010 -- Under a voluntary agreement with the state, Weyerhaeuser will review logging practices on southwest Washington lands where hundreds of landslides were unleashed during a December 2007 storm.

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  • Published: Mar 29, 2010

The Green Building Battles

March 3, 2010 -- As eco-friendly building takes off, the fight is on to define what it means to be green.

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  • Published: Mar 03, 2010

Seattle Times: "Group fights Weyerhaeuser's use of 'green' certification"

February 21, 2010 -- WFLC seeks to revoke Weyerhaeuser's SFI “green” certification for failure to protect water, soil and other resources. In a complaint filed last fall, WFLC alleges the company engaged in high-risk logging of unstable slopes—slopes that shed hundreds of landslides during an intense December 2007 rainstorm that triggered widespread downstream flooding.

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  • Published: Feb 21, 2010

Seattle Times: "Protecting Washington's high-value forest and agriculture lands"

February 16, 2010 -- Every year, thousands of acres of high-value forest and agricultural lands in Washington are lost through conversion to commercial development, residential sprawl and other uses. The Washington State Department of Natural Resources and the Cascade Land Conservancy are working together to slow or reverse this trend.

  • Posted by tkaps
  • Published: Feb 16, 2010

Daily Journal Newswire: "Wave of Litigation Over 'Greenwashing' Poised to Break"

February 10, 2010 -- As more companies market their businesses to take advantage of growing consumer demand for earth-friendly products, legal battles are erupting over the veracity of such claims.

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  • Published: Feb 10, 2010

The World: "Timber plan divides Oregon North Coast residents"

January 30, 2010 -- A proposal to cut more timber on the Clatsop and Tillamook state forests has divided North Coast residents.

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  • Published: Jan 30, 2010

The Oregonian: "Oregon held to account for failing to protect coastal waterways"

January 15, 2010 -- Oregon doesn't do enough to protect its coastal waterways from the harmful effects of logging, and that could end up costing the state millions in withheld federal dollars.

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  • Published: Jan 15, 2010

Ellensburg Daily Record: "AFLC plans open houses to answer questions"

January 7, 2010 -- The company hoping to develop a self-contained community on property it owns in the Teanaway has scheduled two open houses aimed at answering concerns about the plan.

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  • Published: Jan 07, 2010

The Oregonian: "Conservation groups hope to buy forestlands to manage"

December 27, 2009 -- Conservation groups are now the forest industry's biggest allies, as institutional investors buy millions of acres of forestland nationwide. From Maine to Montana, they're giving rise to a new model of private ownership, called community forests, hoping to save them from homes and subdivisions. In Oregon and Washington, some conservation groups are looking to purchase forests for the first time.

  • Posted by tkaps
  • Published: Dec 27, 2009

The Oregonian: "When the land's worth more than the trees"

December 26, 2009 -- Today, timber investment management organizations and real estate investment trusts represent the largest private landowners in Oregon and across the country.

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  • Published: Dec 26, 2009

Crosscut: "Disaster leads to chance for giant park in Whatcom County"

December 8, 2009 -- One of the things washed away in a 1983 landslide-caused flood was the rationale for maintaining state ownership of 8,400 acres at Lake Whatcom. Twenty-six years after the disaster, it's happening: Under a land transfer agreement between Whatcom County and the state Department of Natural Resources, the land becomes what may be the state's largest county park.

  • Posted by tkaps
  • Published: Dec 08, 2009

Ellensburg Daily Record: "Teanaway binders available to view online"

December 8, 2009 -- The contents of binders that went missing from the Kittitas County’s Community Development Services office and were later recovered during the course of a police investigation are now available for review online, the Kittitas County Board of Commissioners has announced.

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  • Published: Dec 08, 2009

Ellensburg Daily Record: "Documents case given to prosecutor"

November 14, 2009 -- A former Kittitas County employee who returned public documents to a company planning development in the Teanaway should have known he wasn't allowed to release them, according to an Ellensburg Police Department investigation.

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  • Published: Nov 14, 2009

High Country News: "The case of the missing binders"

November 10, 2009 -- An investigation into missing binders has put a temporary halt on American Forest Land Co.'s development plans, as officials sort out the details of what happened.

  • Posted by tkaps
  • Published: Nov 10, 2009