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Protecting the environment by providing legal services for forest cases of statewide significance

Protecting the environment by providing legal services for forest cases of statewide significance.

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Recent print and broadcast news coverage of WFLC'c legal cases and advocacy issues listed chronologically. You may also browse news coverage by issue using the menu in the sidebar.
May 17, 2011: Seattle Times: "Court: reaffirms that muddy water is pollution"
May 17, 2011 -- A federal appeals court has reaffirmed that muddy water running off logging roads after rainstorms is pollution that requires a special permit from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
May 17, 2011: E&E News: "9th Circuit declines to rehear logging-road runoff case"
May 17, 2011 -- A federal appeals court said today it won't reconsider its decision last year that requires Clean Water Act permitting for stormwater runoff on logging roads.
May 04, 2011: Daily World: "State board stalls four timber sales over murrelet"
May 4, 2011 -- The state puts off four planned timber sales after environmental groups express concerns for the endangered marbled murrelet.
Dec 09, 2010: Reuters: "USGBC Wood Policy Stands"
December 9, 2010 -- While the status quo remains intact for now -- only products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council are recognized under the rating system -- don't expect the issue over LEED credit for wood products to fade away.
Nov 03, 2010: Santa Cruz Good Times: "New ruling tightens logging regulations"
November 3, 2010 -- This August, WFLC won a landmark sedimentation case in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. According to the ruling, logging companies must now seek point source permits for the water discharged from roadways traversed during timber harvests.
Oct 22, 2010: The New York Times: "For Sustainable Wood, a New and Unloved Standard"
October 22, 2010 -- Next week, the USGBC begins casting ballots on whether or not to adopt new standards that would open up LEED certification to any timber certification system that meets a series of sustainability benchmarks.
Oct 11, 2010: Seattle Magazine: "How Green is Thy Lumber?"
October 11, 2010 -- Seattle's green building community questions which wood certification system is good enough for LEED seal of approval.
Oct 03, 2010: Ellensburg Daily Record: "AFLC seeks longer planning delay"
October 3, 2010 -- American Forest Land Co. is calling for a further delay in relaunching the public land-use planning process for all Teanaway lands.
Sep 28, 2010: The Oregonian: "Settlement requires stricter regulation of Oregon coast logging"
September 28, 2010 -- Private timber owners and loggers in much of Oregon's Coast Range will face more stringent environmental regulations to protect streams under a court settlement issued Tuesday.
Sep 20, 2010: Crosscut: "Spotted owls get a hand from Obama, but is it enough?"
September 20, 2010 -- The Obama administration has pushed aside a weak Bush-era protection plan. But the owl is in precarious condition.