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Protecting the environment by providing legal services for forest cases of statewide significance

Protecting the environment by providing legal services for forest cases of statewide significance.

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Recent print and broadcast news coverage of WFLC'c legal cases and advocacy issues listed chronologically. You may also browse news coverage by issue using the menu in the sidebar.
Nov 02, 2011: Seattle Times: "Follow the law to protect fish and water supplies"
Nov. 2, 2011 -- A controversial federal appeals court decision shines a light on an exemption to clean-water regulations that can compromise healthy fish runs and water supplies.
Aug 24, 2011: Clean Water Act Under Attack
August 24, 2011 – Environmental groups sponsor an ad urging members of Congress to stop their attack on our clean water.
Aug 05, 2011: The Oregonian: "Salmon habitat and water quality"
August 5, 2011 -- Every Oregonian has a stake in stream protection
Jul 07, 2011: E&E News: "Rhetoric softens, but disagreements persist over northern spotted owl"
July 7, 2011 -- Last week, the Fish and Wildlife Service released the final revised recovery plan for the threatened species. But if initial reaction to the plan is any indication, the owl wars that have raged in Pacific Northwest forests for more than 25 years are far from over.
Jun 30, 2011: Seattle Times: "New NW spotted owl plan out; rival bird targeted"
June 30, 2011 -- Today, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service unveiled a new recovery plan for the spotted owl. It is the latest in a long string of attempts to find a lasting balance between saving the bird from extinction and allowing logging on Northwest national forests.
Jun 29, 2011: The Oregonian: "Spotted owl recovery plan recommends preserving old forests"
June 29, 2011 -- A long-anticipated recovery plan for the northern spotted owl, due by Friday, recommends preserving the best of its favored old-forest habitat.
Jun 27, 2011: Seattle Times: "NW spotted owl recovery plan due by end of week"
June 27, 2011 -- After months of tinkering, the Obama administration is due out this week with its last-ditch plan for saving the northern spotted owl from extinction.
May 17, 2011: Law360: "9th Circuit won't rehear logging runoff permit challenge"
May 17, 2011 -- The Ninth Circuit has refused to reconsider its holding that runoff from Oregon State Forest logging roads was subject to permitting requirements under the Clean Water Act.