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Protecting the environment by providing legal services for forest cases of statewide significance

Protecting the environment by providing legal services for forest cases of statewide significance.

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Softwood Lumber Agreement

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· Law360: "USTR Mishandled Green Groups' FOIA Request"
· Investigate West: "Northwest reps in Congress call for investigation into timber 'slush fund'"
July 2, 2010 -- Pacific Northwest members of Congress ask the GAO to investigate the Softwood Lumber Agreement’s distribution of funds to groups in the United States, including those with ties to the U.S. timber industry.
· Seattle PI: "Seattle judge dismisses suit over lumber payments"
June 24, 2009 -- Conservation groups lack standing to challenge the federal government's decision to give $350 million from a U.S.-Canada softwood lumber settlement to forestry foundations, a judge has ruled.
· Seattle PI: "Shady Bush deal could see light of day"
January 25, 2009 -- The Obama Administration's new, let-the-sun-shine-in freedom of information policy has both sides buzzing in a major lawsuit over a controversial Bush administration lumber deal.
· Seattle Times: "Conservation groups file suit in Seattle over timber-settlement funds"
September 12, 2008 -- Three conservation groups are suing the federal government over a decision to give millions of dollars to forestry foundations, saying the money illegally bypassed the U.S. Treasury and Congress.
· Seattle PI: "Environmentalists sue over Canadian timber agreement"
September 8, 2008 -- Environmentalists are filing a lawsuit this week against the federal government for what they say was an illegal and unfair agreement with Canadian leaders to settle a dispute over timber sales.
· Seattle PI: "Forestry groups queried on U.S. funds"
July 10, 2008 -- A controversial Bush administration deal that funneled hundreds of millions of dollars to groups friendly with the timber industry drew inquiries this week from two U.S. senators, who demanded to know what's being done with the money to help the environment.
· Tyee: "Group sues to find out how recipients of softwood deal's $450 million were chosen"
June 5, 2008 -- The Softwood Lumber Agreement earmarked $550 million for the Coalition for Fair Lumber Imports and the Bi-national Council, but it also said $450 million would be spent on "meritorious initiatives" to be identified later by the U.S. in consultation with Canada. How were the recipients of the meritorious initiatives chosen?
· Seattle PI: "How $1 billion timber deal affected consumers"
May 1, 2008 -- Posted on Dateline Earth, Seattle PI Reporter Robert McClure’s blog
· NPR: "Suit Targets Payout from Canadian Lumber Deal”
April 30, 2008 -- A lawsuit has targeted details of the settlement of a dispute between the U.S. and Canada over tariffs on Canadian lumber. At issue is a $1 billion payout that the Bush administration arranged to be made directly to U.S. timber groups.
· Seattle PI: "The $1 Billion Timber Payday: Who Took A Cut?"
April 29, 2008 -- Is it an illegal $1 billion slush fund for Bush administration friends in the timber industry, extorted from Canada and designed to evade congressional oversight? Or is it a fairly negotiated end to an expensive trade war that's "the best thing that has happened to private forest land conservation in the United States in 100 years?" It depends on your point of view. Now, a federal lawsuit filed in Seattle is bringing more scrutiny to the controversial deal. Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., is spearheading a Senate effort to get more information about who got the money and what they're doing with it.